The Classic Collection (USB Album)

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These 35 hand-selected classics will keep worship going in your car, in your home, or anywhere else you find yourself with a USB-port. Immerse yourself in the best collection of Vinesong favourites from over the years.

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1. Releasing Your Power

2. Psalm 5

3. Behold

4. Lift up the name 

5. Fire of Revival

6. Psalm 46

7. Isaiah 61

8. African Medley

9. It is well with my soul

10. Baruch Ata Adonai

11. Our God Reigns

12. Prayer Anthem

13. Complete Restoration

14. The Next Level

15. Rock of Ages

16. Psalm 23

17. Lord Jesus I love You

18. (Just) Another Touch

19. Holy Spirit Move me now

20. Jesus Your Love and Worship the Lord

21. Peace like a River

22. The Cross of Christ

23. How Majestic

24. I Behold Your Glory

25. Holy You are Lord

26. To God be the Glory (Tribute)

27. Songs of Victory

28. God Answers prayer

29. When it hurts so bad

30. Run to the Father

31. Lamb of God

32. Matthew 5

33. Healing Stream

34. Let Your Living Water Flow

35. The Blessing