Vinesong Songbook

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This songbook has words and sheet music to 60 Vinesong songs including the world renowned "Let Your Living Water Flow Over My Soul", "Peace Like a River" and "Rejoice (Holy Spirit Move Me Now)".

The songbook comes with song words in 9 different languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech and Polish with guitar chords included.

Songs included are available on the following Vinesong Albums: "Your Anointing", "Let Your Living Water Flow", "Fire of Revival" and "Adoration".


Song List:


  1. Beatitudes (Blessed are You Lord)
  2. Behold (Let Your Living Water,

    Your Anointing)


  1. Ephesians 2 (Fire of Revival)


  1. Fall afresh my Father (Fire of Revival)
  2. Fire of revival (Fire of Revival)


  1. Glory to the Lord most high (Destiny)
  2. God answers prayer (Blessed are You Lord, Adoration)


  1. Hallelujah (Let Your living water)
  2. Healing Stream (Healing Stream)
  3. Heavenly Father (Your Anointing)
  4. He shall reign (Your Anointing)
  5. Hiding (Fire of Revival)
  6. Holy
  7. Holy is the Lamb of God (Peace like a river)
  8. Holy Spirit fall afresh on our nation (Fire of Revival)
  9. Holy You are holy (Fire of Revival)
  10. Hosanna in the highest (Your anointing)


  1. I come to You
  2. In Your presence (Healing Stream)
  3. Isaiah 61 (Healing Stream)
  4. Isn’t it real
  5. I worship You (Your anointing)
  6. Jehovah (Adoration, Blessed are You Lord)
  7. Jesus blessed Jesus (Healing Stream)
  8. Jesus my Rock (“Salvation” Let Your Living Water)
  9. Jesus Your love has lifted me (Let Your living Water, Blessed are You Lord, Adoration, Africa’s Favourites)
  10. Joy (Adoration)
  11. Just another touch (Let Your living Water, Blessed are You Lord)


  1. King of kings (Fire of Revival)


  1. Lift up the name (Fire of Revival)
  2. Lift up your hands (Peace like a river)
  3. Let Your living Water flow (Let Your Living Water flow, Adoration, Africa’s Favourites)
  4. Lord Jesus I love You (Your Anointing)
  5. Lord You are the One (Your Anointing)
  6. Loving You Lord


  1. Matthew 24 (Your Anointing)
  2. My Everything (My Everything)
  3. My river’s dried up Lord (Peace like a river)


  1. Oh my soul rejoice (Fire of Revival)


  1. Peace like a river (Let Your living Water flow, Adoration, Africa’s Favourites)
  2. Psalm 23 (Let Your living Water flow, Blessed are You Lord)


  1. Rejoice (Let Your living Water flow)
  2. Rest (Fire of Revival)
  3. Revelation chapter 1 (Let Your living water flow)


  1. Sheltered (Fire of Revival)
  2. Shepherd lead me (Your anointing)
  3. So real to me (Adoration)
  4. Sweet Adoration (Adoration)


  1. Thank You Lord (Let Your living water flow)
  2. The Final hour (Destiny)
  3. The Living Word (Fire of Revival)
  4. The trumpet of the Lord
  5. Thy kingdom come (Fire of Revival)


  1. We honour Your presence
  2. We will all change
  3. When it hurts so bad (Adoration, Let Your living water flow)
  4. With a little love (Blessed are You Lord)
  5. Worship the Lord (Blessed are You Lord, Adoration, Let Your living water flow, Africa’s favourites)


  1. Your anointing (Your Anointing)
  2. You’re so young (Destiny)